Visual Basic

Teach Programming with Visual Basic

Visual Basic Programming for teachers

Learn how to write programs in Microsoft Visual BASIC and feel confident to deliver courses on programming in your classroom.

This course relies on freely downloadable Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition or Visual Basic Express, so no software purchase is required. The course uses Microsoft Visual Basic to teach programming, computational thinking and programming concepts suitable for GCSE Computer Science, or for simply introducing programming to your classroom.

Participants will gain the skills needed to teach Programming and computational thinking in the classroom even if you have never done anything similar before. There are no course pre-requisites apart from the ability to use a computer.

No prior knowledge of programming is assumed, this course will gently introduce you to the concepts, skills and techniques required to be a programmer in a friendly supportive class.

The course also includes tips on delivering programming courses, differential learning, peer evaluation techniques and ideas for projects.

The course tutor has been making a living from Visual Basic and Microsoft Studio for over 20 years and has produced many commercial pieces of software over the years. One example of the tutors work which was written in Visual Basic and is regularly sold to schools for use in the classroom can be seen at

In School Course

This course can be held in your school to train your own teachers and teachers from nearby.

Online Course

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9/8/2023£145Online via ZoomBook

Course Tutor

The course is delivered by David Batty, who has 26 years of classroom experience teaching computing, and has been a programmer for 35 years. David delivers courses for the AQA, Westminster Briefing, Code College and other organisations as required.  He is the UK’s busiest IT teacher trainer having delivered over 100 in-school programming courses to teachers in the past year alone.

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