GCSE Controlled Assessment

GCSE Programming Assessment training using Python Python Programming For Teachers

This in-school cpd course (for teachers but also suitable for students) builds on your existing Python programming skills by teaching you how to break down a large task and, with stepwise refinement, build a fully working solution to a larger task.

This course will teach you, step by step, how to plan and write a solution for a generic controlled assessment using the Python programming language. On this course you will learn how to start and develop a task, procedural programming techniques, methods of iterative testing for faster progress, and much more.

The course includes

  • The fastest way to go from Flowchart to Code.
  • Function / Procedural Programming
  • Parameter Passing
  • When and how to return Data from functions
  • Iterative Testing Strategies
  • Writing data to Files
  • Reading data from Files
  • Generating Reports from stored data
  • … and lots more programming techniques your students should know

This is not just giving you a possible solution to a task, on this one day course you will learn how to approach any controlled assessment task like a programmer. You will be guided through each section as you plan, design and code a completed solution using nothing higher than GCSE level Python. You will need to be competent at programming in Python, this is not an introduction to Python course.

Participants will gain the skills needed to think like a programmer and to see how to write a complex task easily. At the end of the day you will understand the software development techniques teachers need to teach in the classroom for pupils doing GCSE controlled assessment work.

Although you are guided through every part of the project, course attendees will need existing Python skills. This course is ideal for teachers who have attended our two day Python course or who are quite confident in their Python programming skills, but are struggling to understand how to teach their students to design and write a controlled assessment solution.

At the end of this one day course, you will have a working solution to a task, you will understand how it was put together and how it all works. What is more important is that you will understand the skills your students need to complete the assessment and you will know how to teach students to approach designing and writing larger projects like the controlled assessment.

Having written a solution yourself from scratch (with the tutors guidance) you will feel more confident when choosing how to guide students towards the skills needed to gain high marks in their controlled assessment work.


In School Course

This course can be held in your school to train your own teachers and teachers from nearby. Contact us to book a date for your in-school training.

Course Tutor

The course is delivered by David Batty, who has 25 years of classroom experience teaching computing, and has been a programmer for 35 years. David delivers courses for the AQA, Westminster Briefing, Code College and other organisations as required.  He is the UK’s busiest IT teacher trainer having delivered over 100 in-school programming courses to teachers in the past year alone.

Booking or More Information

If you would like to book  training delivered in your school or if you would like more information on this or any of our other courses then you can either email courses@codecollege.co.uk or phone us on 01772 454328 (10am to 10pm – 7 days a week). For a hotel course, just follow the link above to book your training.

See what others have to say about our Python Course…..


Excellent session (Michelle S Computing Teacher)
Excellent course and delivery again. Thank you (Kevin W Computing Teacher)
Excellent session covering important aspects of python coding and how to deliver program structures to students as they build their python knowledge. Well paced delivery and David was very knowledgeable and supportive throughout.(David G, Trainee Teacher)
A well constructed and informative course. Really made me think how I will apply techniques such as procedural programming and creating self documenting code. A brilliant day, thank you. (Michelle S, Computing Teacher)