Python Skills Building Course

Python Skills Building – Online Course

Python Programming For Teachers

Have you already attended our two day Python course? If so then you already know how to write programs using Python, how to work with lists , error trapping, importing of libraries etc. but you may still want more programming skills for use in the classroom?

This online skills building course is for teachers who have attended our two day Python course, so have Python programming skills, but who want further training in programming, problem solving and ways to use your existing Python skills.  This online course is all about learning new techniques, solving programming challenges, learning new commands, improving your computational thinking and producing programs to solve a range of fun and interesting problems.

Attendees of our Python courses will know that you are guided towards the answers, but have to come up with the solution yourself. In this course you are guided through a range of problems and ways to expand your skills. Each week you are set various challenges, given training in a specific skill, shown solutions to problems and given ideas to take in to the classroom.

The course content is released daily, but you can log in any time you like, this makes it easy to gain the skills you need without having to try and get days off school, or attend courses at weekends or in school holidays.

In this online course you will  learn skills to make your lessons more interesting and develop skills which are useful for students heading towards controlled assessments. These new skills will get you thinking more like a programmer in the classroom, allow you to better understand good quality programming for controlled assessments and generally be a far better Computer Science teacher with your new found skills.

Course Tutor

The course tutor is David Batty, who has 33 years of classroom experience teaching various computer subjects, and has been a programmer for 42 years.


The course is delivered as a series of daily video based lessons that you can take in your own time with online support if needed.

Booking or More Information

Email us to start a two week trial so you can see the quality. Then, if  you like the course, a subscription is just £280 per person for a whole year of CPD (200+ video lessons). Discounts are available for second or subsequent teachers from the same establishment.

To book a place on the course you can fill in the booking form below for us to invoice your school.

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