Teach Programming with Gamemaker

Gamemaker is an excellent tool for delivering games programming in your classroom. It is suitable for anyone from aged 8 to adult. It has a very shallow learning curve but can still create professional quality games.  
No knowledge of programming is required to start creating your own games or interactive resources. Quickly gain skills as a games designer and discover progression routes for your more advanced learners.


This course relies on free downloadable Gamemaker software, so no software purchase is required, just a desire to learn. Gamemaker has a free version for students, and also a free version for schools.

Participants will gain the skills needed to teach Games Design/Programming in the classroom even if you have never done anything similar before. There are no course pre-requisites apart from the ability to use a computer.

Go from absolute beginner to designing simple 2D games and interactive content suitable for use in the classroom.

GamemakerCodeThe course also includes tips on delivering games design courses, differential learning, peer evaluation techniques and ideas for projects.

Learn how to create your own interactive whiteboard software and other classroom resources.

Gamemaker is easy to use but immensely powerful at the same time. Students start with drag and drop programming and later add scripting to their skills.

Gamemaker is simple enough for anyone to produce games in hours and powerful enough to create professional software. We work within the limits of the free version on this course which can create games to run and test on your computer within the IDE and which also has the ability to output to an online browser based store so you can share with family and friends, or alternately you can make your game public so it is playable online in a browser by 50+ million online gamers.

After attending this Gamemaker course you will be able to teach Games Design and programming with Gamemaker to your classes. You will also be able to create your own interactive whiteboard resources.

Online Course

This course is held as a one day course which is delivered online over Zoom.  Participants are required to have a computer with Gamemaker installed.

During this one day course you will learn to write a game in Gamemaker. You will be learning skills you can immediately take in to the classroom. The course has been delivered in hundreds of schools throughout the UK, in residential summer camps and online.

Gamemaker is free to download and install from

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20th January 2023£130Online course delivered over Zoom from 9am to 3pm.Book

In School Course

This course can be held in your school to train your own teachers and teachers from nearby. Contact us to book a date for your in-school training.

Course Tutor

The course is delivered by David Batty, who has 31 years of classroom experience teaching computing, and has been a programmer for 40 years. David delivers courses for the the NCCE, OCR, Code College and other organisations as required.

Booking or More Information

If you would like to book  training delivered in your school or if you would like more information on this or any of our other courses then you can either email or phone us on 01772 454328 (10am to 10pm – 7 days a week)

What teachers say about our Gamemaker Course…..

Excellent course. Good balance of speed and challenge. Very enjoyable. Highly recommended for teachers. (Toby J, HoD)
Thank you for a fantastic day! Demystifying the prospect of using GameMaker! Far less scary than I initially thought and all thanks to today’s CPD! Thank you for coming all the way down to Essex to deliver our training! Much appreciated, I would definitely recommend this course to other schools and departments! (Sara C, Head of ICT/Computing)
A very thorough overview of Game maker. Very well presented. I have obtained some very useful information that will prove invaluable to our school. Thank you.(Kevin C, IT Manager)
A very good workshop. Learnt a lot. Very well presented. Recommend to any KS3-KS4 ICT teachers.(Hajera R, ICT & Computing)