Python From GCSE to A Level

Moving from GCSE To A Level Python

Python Programming For Teachers

Learn how to upgrade your GCSE level Python skills, and move on to skills and techniques for A Level programming.

This two day course is ideal for teachers who have attended our two day GCSE Python course and who now want to develop their skills further.

On the course participants will learn to easily break large tasks down using procedures and functions for ease of development.

Other areas and techniques covered including writing code to implement Queues and Stacks, Recursion, Adding a Graphic User Interface to programs using Tkinter, creating CSV and SQL databases in Python, using a debugger in the IDE, inline debugging techniques, and much more.

This is very much a hands on course suitable for teachers who have been on our two day Python course and therefore are comfortable with their  GCSE level Python programming skills.

Course attendees will leave the course with a range of programming skills and techniques for use in GCSE and A Level teaching.

Hotel or Training Venue Course

This course is held as a two day course in hotels or training venues at various locations. The price is for the two days and includes lunch and refreshments. Participants are required to bring a laptop with python 3 installed.

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We are currently planning delivery of this course in many more locations. Contact us to register your interest in a course being delivered in your area.

In School Course

If you prefer, this course can be held in your school to train your own teachers and teachers from nearby. Contact us for details.

Course Tutor

The course is delivered by David Batty, who has 27 years of classroom experience teaching computing, and has been a programmer for 36 years. David delivers courses for the AQA, OCR, Westminster Briefing, Code College and other organisations as required.  He is the UK’s busiest IT teacher trainer having delivered training to over 6000 IT and computer science teachers over the past 8 years.

Booking or More Information

If you would like to book a place on one of our hotel courses please complete this booking form, to book training delivered in your school or if you would like more information on this or any of our other courses then you can either email or phone us on 01772 454328 (10am to 10pm – 7 days a week)

See what others have had to say about Python training with David Batty

Totally amazing. Very professional and takes into account the varying abilities of the staff. I really enjoyed the day. Thank You =o)
(Danielle R, Head of ICT)
Well stepped, good level and good progress. Well worth it. (Phillip R, Teacher of ICT/Deputy Head of School)
Thank you David for a superb day, a very helpful and informative training day. We will be back for more!! (Stephen P, ICT Teacher)
This was an excellent informative course and I have learned a lot (Darren B, Teacher of ICT)
Excellent course and instructions resources simple to follow. Would recommend to colleagues.
Excellent program that has improved my skills and options for completing the OCR specification.
Overall I found the training to be really informative and enjoyable.  The course has helped me to have much more insight into the Computing Curriculum for 2015-16.
Excellent course that contained a lot of  information and skills development that will help in the delivery of the GCSE Computing course. Time was given to develop working models that will help with the delivery of the course.
This course exceeded my expectations. It was hands-on from day one and having written over 90 programs across the two day I am more confident about Programming in Python for myself and the classroom. Thank you Dave for an excellent two-days.
Good structure to the course that made learning easy.  Good coverage of the controlled assessment that raised confidence in our ability to deliver to a high standard.  Many thanks to Dave and Rebecca…
Excellent. Really useful. Fully interactive. Our second course. Fully recommend. Many thanks for your patience.
Very useful. Good pace, good content. Currently using last week’s course to create course content for a KS3 unit.
Excellent well structured course. Suitable for all learners. None stop working and learning which was great. A successful course. Thank you.
Very informative course, packed with practical teaching-relevant activities and well-explained in terms of their relevance to real-world issues and the anticipated learning opportunities for pupils – time well-spent for a complete novice.
Excellent and informative course designed to enable teachers to be confident in developing Python skills to deliver the KS3 and GCSE Computer Science requirements
The course had great resources and was taught well to ensure knowledge and skills were developed.
Great course, very informative and useful.
The session was of benefit and allowed me to gain better understanding of the ocr expectations of the controlled assessment
Extremely well presented course. Easy to understand and clear guidlines on how to explain to students. Thanks for a very informative day.
Simply excellent, I have the confidence to deliver the course to my students!
A very direct no nonsense approach to problem solving. I thought I was OK getting around Python. David has given me an even further foundation whilst allowing me to challenge my approach to delivery giving me great ideas as to how best to plan my pedagogical approach needed to engage my own students.
Excellent course which has given me a solid grounding and the confidence to start teaching Python at KS3 and KS4
Excellent course!! The method of teaching works very well. I wish I was taught programming like this at university! Pace was excellent throughout. A fantastic course which was delivered expertly.
Really informative, delivered in a laid back non threatening or condescending manner. I have learnt so much in 2 days I am itching to get started in writing SOW’s for September. Thank you so much.
Very good two days training with clear easy to follow instructions. Delivered in a clear manner
Very good. Clear explanations of the processes behind Python Coding. Lots of resources created that could be used within lessons.
An excellent course.  Exactly what we needed.
Excellent. Taught and explained thoroughly. I will use David again for further training
I really enjoy this course over the last 2 days. I have learnt so much about Python and I am continuing with this each day to get the information stuck into my head. I liked how the course went over 2 days as it gave a slow but steady pace. The best bits were trying to code ourselves and I liked how we got a look at the code for so many seconds to remember and then had to finish it ourselves. I feel I learnt more that way.
excellent course with loads of help and really allowed me to get ideas for lessons! booking more training ASAP!
very productive day, very happy, well worth it, I now know a number of things I didn’t which will help prepare for the course come next term. David was astute, helpful and most importantly enabled all of us to learn in a way which would benefit us.
This was an incredibly useful day. As someone who only knows python by picking it up as I am trying to stay one step ahead of the kids I have developed my skills and confidence. I can also teach the students in a more professional programming method – building on skills piece by piece.
Excellent session, superbly delivered with lots of concepts, resources and practical hints ready for the classroom.  Consolidated the little knowledge I already  and extended it.  I look forward to more training in the future and have really been inspired.  Looking forward to teaching it again!
Very good and the tasks were easy to follow.
Really informative and hands on course. Delivered and put together very well.  Would highly recommend to others to attend one of David’s courses.
Excellent course that contained a lot of  information and skills development that will help in the delivery of the GCSE Computing course. Time was given to develop working models that will help with the delivery of the course.
An excellent course led by David.  An excellent covering of topics within Python and excellent support towards controlled assessment queries.
Very good course, things are a lot clearer, David can explain things in layman terms which is very good as we can use for our pupils. Thank you
Excellent course, it has given me a lot of confidence and I feel better prepared for next year. thanks
Fantastic, I have gone from being a complete beginner and now feel really quite confident. I’ve really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Thank you.
Absolutely fantastic training session!  Learnt so much in 2 days, would highly recommend getting on one of David’s courses a superb teacher!
An excellent course.  Really useful and David was extremely patient and helpful.  Went from absolutely no knowledge to quite advanced level programming.
Thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a great deal.  Dealt with the issues and problems I needed.  Thank you.
Excellent delivery of all key skills required for GCSE programming curriculum. David explained everything thoroughly to unsure each teacher developed depth in their understanding of all concepts covered. A very enjoyable course that I gained a lot from and will definitely be looking at more of David’s courses in the future!
David Batty was very inspiring and supportive throughout the 2 day course. His teaching styles were easy to follow and to understand. David was extremely patient and was happy to rephrase and/or personalize his teaching to ensure all needs of the learners were meet. I would love to attend another training session if David was leading it!
A well paced course building confidence in small programs to achieve quick success. There was enough time to take notes and David explained very clearly and ensured the understanding was there before moving on. The first day was brilliant the second day was much harder but covered all the sections clearly. It was great to end on something easy so my brain could cope with the drive home.  I would recommend him to other schools and book David again for other courses.
Great break down of subject. Good steps to create programs. Learnt new skills even though I have studied programming in the past. Easy to learn.
An enjoyable course – lots of structured stages and room for additional experimentation. Thanks David
A well organised session that was run expertly, with great examples, step-by-step work and also the chance to do some extension activities while waiting for others to catch up. A fantastic session that I will recommend to teaching friends.
We have undertaken an extensive Python Training session where we looked at different ways to program small applications.  It has been excellent to start from the very beginning (back to basics)  it was excellent and very informative we have all learnt a lot today – our trainer was very patient and helped everyone to progress.  knowledge is excellent and debugging skills were very efficient  – thank you
A fantastic course that chunked a large new topic into achievable portions. I thoroughly enjoyed learning through the various exercises and felt my knowledge grew at every stage. David was well paced and hands on in answering all questions to encourage understanding and increase skills.