Second Life

Second Life – Beyond Minecraft

Our tutor was an early adopter of virtual world technology and has been delivering training inside the virtual world of Second Life for ten years now. We have our own premises in the oldest part of Second Life (not far from Linden HQ and the original Help Island).

As well as working inside Second Life we also deliver classroom courses for teachers looking to move beyond Minecraft to a more professional environment for building, programming and learning.

Second life is used by educators around the world, many educational establishments have virtual premises in Second Life and deliver classes in-world. Although not connected with the book, the tutor David Batty was pleased to be asked to be on the front cover of a Springer publication written in 2009 about education in a virtual world. This was written by an Australian university who were his next door neighbours in-world.

If you want to move beyond Minecraft and really get older pupils engaged with professional environment then Second Life offers the ultimate upgrade. Although it has a minimum age limit of 13, Second Life is not considered suitable for younger learners.

Learn how to install Second Life, navigation, building, orientation, programming objects, finding in-world classes to attend. Holding your own classes and much more.


Course Tutor

The course is delivered by David Batty, who has 26 years of classroom experience teaching various computer subjects, and has been a programmer for 35 years.


We deliver our courses all around the UK, Ireland and abroad, we are happy to deliver in your school or academy, contact us to arrange a date.

Why not invite one or two teachers from a nearby school and share the cost?

Booking or More Information

Telephone 01772 454328 (10am to 10pm – 7 days a week)